API Psychiatrists resign

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - The Alaska Psychiatric Institute has been undergoing drastic changes since reports of abuse and dysfunction within the facility have been brought to the public's attention....
And The latest news coming out of the facility is the resignation of the last three remaining psychiatrists. Alaska Dispatch News in Anchorage has been covering this story and reports that Dr. Deborah Guris testified at a court hearing on Wednesday, and stated after the beginning of April, she will be the last psychiatrist on staff.
Guris said in a statement she didn't want to abandon her patients, but does not want to work in a place where she could not care for her patients ethically.

According to ADN, A five-day hearing that kicked off Tuesday allows the plaintiffs and the defendants, the state of Alaska, to present their cases. Anchorage Superior Court Judge William Morse is expected to rule next week. Witnesses, including executives from local hospitals and API itself, spent hours Tuesday and Wednesday describing Alaska’s rickety infrastructure for dealing with people in a serious psychiatric crisis. The testimony illuminated new and startling facts about the depth of the chaos at API — and the fact that by some measures, things have gotten worse instead of better in the last few months. The state has recently moved to privatize the hospital, with 'Well-path' contracting to take over full operation on July 1st.