A special Summer Road Construction Report

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - The Alaska Department of Transportation has a current plan to upgrade 27 intersections in and around the Interior, with a project in the near future to upgrade 10 more. So far nine have been completed, but those nine have caused some confusion with their flashing yellow arrows. Caitlin Frye with Alaska DOT explained what these new signals mean.

"If you do come up to a flashing yellow arrow, it means that you will have to yield to the oncoming traffic and to any pedestrians in the cross walk. But if that is all clear you are free to go." Frye said.

She went on to say that these arrows are a relatively new feature in signal lights across the state, and the majority of the work happens at night, with crews currently working on intersections around Airport Way.
She continued saying that the crews will also be working on the Steese
Highway as well as in areas along the Mitchell Expressway and Richardson Highway. She said these new flashing arrows will help traffic run more smoothly.

"There's going to be one signal for each lane, which will help folks in the winter line up in the right spots. There's some radar detectors on there that will detect not only the vehicle that is the first one pulled up to the spot light, but also they will be able to see vehicles that are approaching and how many vehicles are in the line." Frye said.

According to Frye, some of the new signal lights may take up to two weeks to be fully online and operational.