'A Woman's Affair' to Fill Carlson Center

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - The highly anticipated event showcases women- owned and oriented businesses from Alaska.
Although there are over 150 vendors, ranging from hair salons to interior decorators, the women's affair also provides a place to discuss health issues, gain advice on finances, or attend free seminars throughout the weekend.
The event is not just for women.
According to Event Coordinator, Kourtney Shannon, there are vendors for men as well, and a lounge for the guys who want to watch sports and have a cold beer.
Shannon says that the Woman's Affair is not just a reason to shop and gain information... it's also a social event.

Kourtney Shannon; KO Productions Event Coordinator >> "It's a really great place to find information or shop or just have fun. It's a social event. You know, you come to a show like this at the Carlson Center, see a bunch of people you know, and it's, it's better than FaceBook."

The Women's Affair will run from this evening through Sunday, April 8th.
More information about the event can be found at 'Fairbanks events com'.