Fairbanks Airport Police and Fire recruits graduate from academy

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska (KTVF) Two new recruits for the Fairbanks International Airport (FAI) Police and Fire Department graduated from the state police academy on Friday, June 12th.

Upon returning to Fairbanks, Tony Del Rosario and Gaven Eaker will begin three months of field training. (Alex Bengel/KTVF)

After three and a half months at the academy in Sitka, Tony Del Rosario and Gaven Eaker will begin three months of field training at FAI, in which they will receive on-the-job experience.

According to department chief Aaron Danielson, these officers require a number of skills to perform successfully at the job.

“You have to have a lot of attention to detail, and you have to have the capability to always be learning. Because of the wide breadth of duties that you’re required to do at the airport, you need to be flexible, you need to be able to pick up these different tasks, retain them, and be able to apply them in emergencies -- whether it’s a police, fire, [or] medical. You’re asked to wear a lot of different hats,” he said.

In the state of Alaska, only Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport and FAI have combined police and fire departments.

Danielson said, “Our job is a little more complex than almost any other safety department in the state in that our officers serve as both state-certified police officers as well as first-response medics and state certified firefighters -- and they're certified in Firefighter 1 [and] Firefighter 2, as well as aircraft rescue firefighting specifically.”

Though Danielson normally attends the graduation ceremonies, due to the COVID-19 pandemic he settled for the 1:00 p.m. live stream.

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