Can you complete the 100 mile challenge?

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska (KTVF) The 100 Mile Challenge is an annual fundraiser for Healthy Futures Alaska, a youth program promoting activity that is hosted by the Alaska Sports Hall of Fame.

Alaska's most elite athletes, including Olympian Kikkan Randall, Super Champion Mark Schlereth and Junior Olympian and local standout Kendall Kramer, are encouraging folks to take on the challenge.

What began as a way for an Anchorage engineering firm to stay active heading into the summer, the 100 miles in May challenge has blossomed into a state-wide event, which has added April this year, for back-to-back challenge months.

"With everything happening around the COVID-19 pandemic, we were just scratching our heads trying to figure out what we can do to be productive and helpful and we realized it made a lot of sense to push our challenge up a month" Executive Director of Healthy Futures Harlow Robinson said.

But it's not about getting outside and running 100 miles.

A conversion table can apply activities from yard work, to yoga to cleaning your garage, into miles towards to challenge.

With the absence of spring sports in high schools and companies deciding to work from home, the program allows people to stay active, competitive, and social.

Pledges, previously a requirement to officially participate, is optional this year, opening the field to a wide range of competitors.

"We are social creatures and this social distancing thing is difficult for all of us, so it is a tool that I think can just be helpful to help us to stay connected with your friends, families, coworkers, etc. I think it is really good for the mental health aspect." Robinson added.

"We have seen a real different dynamic this year, we are seeing a lot more high school kids, school groups featuring teachers and a lot of fun groups who may miss the social interaction."

Participants can enter the challenge as an individual or as a team, with prizes for the top competitors.

The leaderboard will reset at the end of the month for the separate, May challenge.

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