Fairbanks fitness studio brings classes home during outbreak

FAIRBANKS, Alaska (KTVF) Earlier this week Governor Dunleavy issued a mandate for all restaurants, bars, gyms and other gathering places to close amid the coronavirus outbreak. This has left many people at home with no work and no way to participate in their usual activities.

A Fairbanks fitness studio is bringing exercise bikes to clients homes so they can continue taking spin classes virtually. (John Dougherty/KTVF)

"I work at a public high school, [and] we were closed down at least until next Friday, so we were told to come home. And it kind of worried me to be in my apartment, isolated by myself for the next couple of weeks,” said Lindsy Weaver.

One local fitness studio decided to bring classes to people’s homes. F&H Fitness Studio in Fairbanks rented a U-Haul and offered bikes to members of their spin classes.

Mae Frazier is an instructor with the studio and says that they wanted a way for people to stay active at home.

"Now more than ever we know it's important to have a healthy workout schedule, [and] healthy eating habits," said Frazier.

Weaver, who is a client of the studio, agrees.

"It was one of those things, when you find your gym is closing down, and you're used to a consistent pattern, you worry about what that means for you and your health -- your mental health and your physical health," Weaver said.

The studio will hold virtual video classes where staff will be able to see the clients and continue to train them.

The bikes are being rented to members only, but the studio is going to be holding free online live classes on their Facebook page.

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