Alaska State Troopers attempting to contact suspect in Elliot Highway trailhead break-ins

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska. (KTVF) Alaska State Troopers have a suspect they are trying to contact regarding the car break-ins at trailheads along the Elliot Highway.

Zachary Hockersmith is a suspect in the car break-ins at trailheads along the Elliot Highway. (Alaska State Troopers)

Troopers are looking for Zachary Hockersmith, who they know was in the area at the time, to talk to him about whether he had a part in these crimes.

Nobody has been arrested yet, but a tip from Bureau of Land Management park rangers led troopers to serve search warrants on residences and vehicles. They were able to recover some items from Wickersham Dome and Colorado Creek trailheads that were stolen.

Lieutenant Jess Carson with the Alaska State Troopers says they are confident that the risk of these break-ins continuing to occur is now lower.

"We still advise people to just have good practice of not bringing extra items up to these trail heads because you're so far out of hand. Hide any items that somebody might be interested in or breaking into. If you have access devices to your house, such as garage door openers and keys, leaving those at home or putting those in a more secure location is always a good idea, regardless of what's been happening up at the trail heads recently," said Carson.

Carson says solving cases like this is dependent on the public taking part in the investigation. “Calling us with the tips and leads, and letting us know when we come and talk to them about what information they have [will help],” said Carson.

He goes on to say that some people they interviewed gave them inaccurate information, which took them extra time to go through.

“We just encourage everybody, even if you know the people involved in these type of instances, please be honest with us. We’re trying to help the public, we’re trying to get people their stuff back. Our interest here is just making sure people can go out, they can walk on the trails around Fairbanks, be safe, and expect to come back to their vehicle and have their items that they own and paid for sitting and waiting for them in [a] safe manner,” said Carson.

Troopers are still investigating and are asking anyone with more information on these crimes, or the location of Zachary Hockersmith, to call the troopers at 451-5100.

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