Troopers take precautions to continue serving community during coronavirus outbreak

FAIRBANKS, Alaska (KTVF) The Alaska State Troopers say they are taking additional steps to protect their officers' health during a nationwide outbreak of the coronavirus.


In an interview Friday, Lieutenant Jess Carson with the Alaska State Troopers in Fairbanks said that they are working to ensure their officers are protected and healthy, and can continue to protect Alaska.

Carson says they are following the direction from the governor’s office and are limiting public contact by not attending gatherings and public meetings. They have also canceled all of their scheduled training.

Carson says they have also provided officers with safety kits that have gloves, masks, safety glasses and aprons for when officers do have to come in contact with someone who may be sick.

Carson also said that saying you are sick won't get you out of a ticket and that troopers will still be contacting people; but he added that if you are sick you should let them know.

"If you come into contact with law enforcement and you are sick or not feeling well, or feel like you have the flu, notifying us is absolutely important. We have to try to keep our officers healthy so we can continue to respond," Carson said.

Carson says that troopers regularly contact sick people and the precautions they are taking are not very different from what they do normally.

He also encouraged people to continue practicing good hygiene and stay home when they are not feeling well.

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