Across the nation U.S. Census begins, survey forms distributed

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska (KTVF) The U.S. Census season has begun. On March 12, the first round of mailed census forms, released and collected by the federal government every ten years, will begin arriving at homes in Alaska and around the country. The forms include 10 questions, and according to the Census Bureau should take about 10 minutes to complete.

The census can be completed online, over the phone or by mail.

The questions on the census are used to gather statistics about the country’s population, to calculate federal funding and to calculate representation in congress for the next ten years, among other functions.

For those who do not have a U.S.P.S. mailing address or do not wish to fill out a paper version, there are other options for completing the census. The census can be taken over the phone, and the questions are also available on

Furthermore, if a household does not receive mail from the postal service, a census employee may drop one off.

According to Deb Stempowski, Assistant Director for Decennial Programs for U.S. Census Bureau, the mailed census forms contain a “census I.D.” to assist in online or over-the-phone completion, but the code is not necessary in order to do the census.

If it doesn’t receive an individual or household’s response, the Census Bureau will mail out up to five rounds of forms before sending out enumerators -- individuals who go from door to door to assist people with filling out their forms.

In light of nationwide concerns over the spread of coronavirus, Stempowski said, “The safety of the American public as well as our workers is the utmost importance.”

She said, “We will work closely with the health officials and local folks on the ground to see if we need to make any change in our operation we will do that.”

Stempowski went on to say, “The best way to not have a census taker visit your house is actually to respond in the comfort of your own home by going online, calling, or sending back the paper questionnaire.”

The census has begun a hiring process which will, according to Stempowski, include up to five-hundred thousand employees.

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