Two men charged with robbery entered not guilty pleas Wednesday in Fairbanks.

FAIRBANKS, Alaska (KTVF) Two men who were arrested for an armed robbery pleaded not guilty in court Wednesday.

Justin William (left) and Grant Tiedemann (right) appeared in court on Wednesday and entered not guilty pleas for robbery and assault-3. (John Dougherty/KTVF)

Grant Tiedenmann, 21, and Justin Haden, 22, both of Fort Wainwright, are charged with first-degree robbery and four counts of third degree assault.

According to charging documents, the two men and a third juvenile drove up to a parked car, pulled a gun and demanded money. The driver gave them his wallet.

After they left, the driver followed the suspects' car while on the phone with troopers.

Troopers located the car and the three individuals inside a short time later.

The juvenile was taken to Fairbanks Youth Facility.

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