Fairbanks North Star Borough releases draft list of capital improvement projects

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska. (KTVF) The Fairbanks North Star Borough has released a draft list of projects for the Capital Improvement Program, in the order they plan to work on them. Mayor Bryce Ward talked about the list in a press conference on Friday.

The list is broken down by fiscal year, and includes when construction for each project would begin.

The first projects the public would see construction on in Fiscal Year 2021 include the John Weaver Memorial Skate park renovation, Carlson Center ice rink replacement with a portable ice rink, and Growden Field upgrades.

"There's a lot of projects in here, and part of the process is looking at those projects, the wants and the needs of the communities, and then trying to work on prioritization of what those projects should be with the resources we have available to us. The plan does not propose bonding at this time -- the assembly could change that, future years could change that -- but we want to show the community what we're able to do with the resources that we have available," said Ward.

The draft will go to the Finance committee in a special meeting on Tuesday, where they will make any amendments they feel necessary. Then the Capital Improvement Program will go to the assembly on March 26 for public comment and the possible adoption.

The draft can be viewed on the borough’s website.

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