Miss Alaska USA 2020 Hannah Carlile announces campaign ‘Equal Chances for an Equal Future’

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska. (KTVF) Miss Alaska USA 2020 Hannah Carlile won the title in November 2019. “It was only my second time competing so it was a bit of a shock,” said Carlile.

We sat down for an interview with Miss Alaska USA 2020 Hannah Carlile was she was in Fairbanks. (Amanda Becker/KTVF)

Both Miss Alaska USA 2020 and Miss Alaska Teen USA 2020 were from Fairbanks. Carlile graduated from the University of Alaska Fairbanks with Bachelor’s degrees in Linguistics and French. She says she taught French at UAF and then decided to get her graduate degree. Since the degree was not available in Alaska, Carlile traveled out of state for graduate school.

Carlile is now a student in Nashville, Tennessee, finishing her last course of her graduate degree at Vanderbilt University. She is getting a degree in International Education Policy and Management.

“I’m really hoping to help the world get along through the field of education and to do something with the policy there, so that’s still in the works,” said Carlile.

Carlile said it has been interesting representing Alaska while in the Lower 48.

“When I won I was actually participating in a fellowship at Columbia University in New York City, so I got to represent Alaska in a number of different northeastern states and I went to other sisterhood pageants. It has been fun in the sense of being out of state, I have been able to embrace new queens into the sisterhood, and I have been able to go to all of their pageants and events,” said Carlile.

Carlile wanted to announce her new campaign with her platform called ‘Equal Chances for an Equal Future.’ “What that really means is, it gets at the diversity in the U.S., and we’re probably the most diverse nation out there. I mean we are the melting pot as people call us -- and within this melting pot, we have some inequities. One inequity that is particularly important to me is education,” said Carlile.

She will be collaborating with The Salvation Army along with a few other organizations.

“We’re going to try to get school supplies to underserved communities across Alaska, across the U.S., and across the globe -- because in today’s society I believe, we are all connected and we all influence each other, especially in a melting pot like the U.S. and Alaska. People here are from everywhere. I was born in Georgia and my family moved here, so Alaska is just as much of a melting pot as anywhere else in the U.S. I think that helping people get the basics that they need for the classroom can help them succeed in life and their education, and I think that working towards equity among the diverse groups especially in underserved communities is something that’s really important to me.”

Carlile was visiting Fairbanks during spring break and will travel back to finish her graduate degree in Tennessee.

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