Governor Dunleavy announces members of AMHS Reshaping Work Group

Juneau, Alaska (KTVF) On Wednesday, Governor Mike Dunleavy announced the names of the 9 members who will sit on the Alaska Marine Highway Reshaping Work Group. The group was established on January 17 under Administrative Order No. 313, and its purpose will be to “make recommendations on the future finances and service levels of the Alaska Marine Highway System (AMHS).”

The purpose of the work group is to align the AMHS with the governor's vision of a more sustainable Alaska. (Gavel Alaska)

The group will take its cues from data provided by the January 15 Alaska Marine Highway System Economic Reshaping Report published by the Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities (DOT) which governs the AMHS.

The members of the group consist of:
Public: Tom Barrett (Chair)
Public: John Torgerson
Public: Wanetta Ayers
Aviation: Lee Ryan
Labor: Ben Goldrich
MTAB: Robert Venables
Roads & Highways: Tony Johansen
Senator Bert Stedman
Representative Louise Stutes

Admiral Tom Barrett, who was appointed by Governor Dunleavy as the committee chair, was not available for an interview. In a written statement, Barrett said, “I look forward to partnering with my fellow work group members to recommend effective long term solutions for the Alaska Marine Highway System. I am optimistic that with our varied backgrounds and strengths we can shape a responsible course that is best for the State and Alaskans who are serviced by the Marine Highway System.”

“The AMHS Work Group is comprised of nine incredible Alaskans with unique experience and vast knowledge. Each member brings their own perspective, and I am confident this strong group will produce balanced recommendations,” said John MacKinnon, Commissioner of the Alaska Department of Transportation & Public Facilities. He elaborated on the group’s focus, which aligns with the governor’s push for a more self-sustaining Alaska, saying “Their focus will be to deliver guidance regarding finance and service levels so the system is sustainable in the future. I thank them for volunteering for this important task.”

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