Alaska State Troopers release list of most wanted criminals for the Fairbanks area

FAIRBANKS, Alaska (KTVF) The Alaska State Troopers (AST) have released a list of their most wanted criminals for the Fairbanks Area.

That Alaska State Troopers released a list of the most wanted criminals for the month in Fairbanks. (AST/KTVF)

"The people that we have on this list for this month -- and we plan on doing this on a monthly basis -- are wanted for major thefts and burglaries that are occurring in the area, and also some of them are wanted for very violent crimes," said AST Sergeant Charles Inderrieden. He said they are working to stop thefts and violent crime in the interior.

Inderrieden said that if someone does see a person on the list or knows where they are to call the troopers.

"We don't want them to necessarily approach unless they happen to be a family member or something and they are already near them,” Inderrieden said. “We would like them to call the Alaska State Troopers at area code (907) 451-5100 -- that's the administrative line that will go to dispatch right after hours -- and just let them know that they are in contact with somebody who is on the Alaska State Trooper most wanted list for that month."

Inderrieden said that the Troopers will send someone to make contact with that person, adding that having the public help is a force multiplier and allows them to more effectively do their job.

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Warrant 1

Christopher Chandler is wanted for failure to appear in a burglary case. According to charging documents, a Fairbanks Police officer found Chandler inside someone else’s apartment when he didn't have permission to be there. He got out on bail but failed to show for his court hearings.

warrant 2

Kyle Curtin is wanted for violating his conditions of parole from a 2015 vehicle theft case. According to court records he was released from jail in September of 2019 and failed to report to his probation officer.

warrant 4

Jesse Kueber is wanted for repeated failure to register as a sex offender. He was required to register as a sex offender for a 2007 case in which he pleaded guilty to sexual abuse of a minor.

warrant 5

Stanley Olson is wanted for a probation violation from a sexual abuse of a minor case. According to court records Olson sexually assaulted a female minor on a sidewalk outside of a restaurant in Fairbanks.

warrant 6

According to his court records Pugalee cut off his ankle monitor in October of 2019 and failed to appear for court hearings. He was out on bail for an assault case in which he is accused of assaulting his girlfriend and one of her friends.

warrant 7

Tyler Raymond is wanted in connection with numerous thefts from 2018. He is charged with one count of vehicle theft, 13 counts of theft 2 as well as numerous counts of theft 3 and 4 and fraud.

warrant 8

William Reames is wanted for failing to appear to a bail hearing regarding an assault case he is involved in.

warrant 9

James Rookard is wanted for a probation violation from a 2017 case in which he was charged with vehicle theft.