Minnie St. power outage caused by driver arrested for Driving Under the Influence

The cause of Saturday morning's power outage in downtown Fairbanks was a driver arrested for Driving Under the Influence. (Ramzi Abou Ghalioum/KTVF)

FAIRBANKS, Alaska (KTVF) Just after midnight on Saturday, a woman allegedly driving under the influence crashed into a utility pole somewhere on Minnie St., causing a transformer to blow. This caused an power outage in the area.

An FPD officer discovered the incident after observing a bright flash in the vicinity of the intersection of Minnie St. and Illinois St.. The officer patrolled the area and discovered that a 2019 Honda CRV had crashed into the utility pole. The crash resulted in a blown transformer, which caused the power outage.

The driver of the vehicle, 32 year old Grace Marie Packer, was arrested for driving under the influence. She was subsequently also charged with failure to submit to a chemical test after refusing to provide a breath sample at the station.

When the officer first contacted Packer, she was outside of the vehicle with the key fob in her hands, but denied that she had been driving. Officers determined by observing the footprints in the snow coming from the driver side door, as well as other clues, that Packer was in fact the driver.

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