Study shows Generation Z is the most stressed out by politics

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WASHINGTON (Gray DC)-- Soccer practice, homework and friends are the main things on Sydney Davis' mind. As a college student, that's all she should worry about.

Sydney Davis, a 20-year-old environmental science major at Bridgewater College, says climate change is a major stressor in her life. (Source: Gray DC)

But on top of that, Davis, an environmental science major at Bridgewater College said climate change gives her added anxiety.

"There are people I've met who don't believe in it, like at all," She said. "Which baffles me. I have to teach my parents like, recycle please."

The American Psychological Association's annual "Stress in America" study found that in 2019, young Americans are more concerned about political issues like climate change, health care and mass shootings than their daily to-do list.

"I think because it is in the news so much," said Jim Diaz-Granados of the APA. He added that young adults are also dealing with additional pressure when it comes to planning their future.

"When you add on uncertainty about climate change, the election, the coverage of mass shootings, it really just compounds it," Diaz-Granados said.

In the age of a 24-hour news cycle, the amount of information being fed to us doesn't appear to be slowing. But can the stress?

"Folks shouldn't just sit there and allow themselves to be bombarded by these stories over and over again," Diaz-Granados said.

For parents concerned about their young adults, he also suggested several ways to ease their childrens' stress levels. Watching less news and limiting social media can help, as well as getting involved with causes of concern.

"If you can exert a certain amount of control, feel like you're making a positive impact, that can help," Diaz-Granados said.

Because as young adults grow, their worries shouldn't have to.
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