Moose Creek residents' outcry heard, transfer site will remain open

Dumpsters at the Moose Creek Transfer Site that will remain open for residents to use. (Sara Tewksbury/KTVF)
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FAIRBANKS, Alaska. (KTVF) The Fairbanks North Star Borough announced that Moose Creek transfer site will remain open. After hearing that their transfer site was scheduled to close on January 31, Moose Creek residents collected signatures on a petition to keep the site open.

The borough said in a statement, "FNSB Administration, Solid Waste and Public Works have reviewed the usage numbers for the Moose Creek Transfer Station and have reconsidered the decision to close the facility."

In November, the borough announced consolidation efforts to improve service which would close four transfer sites, including Moose Creek.

These sites are Dale Road, 30 Mile, Moose Creek and Midway. Now that Moose Creek will remain open, only Dale Road, 30-Mile, and Midway will close.

Dale Road and 30-Mile are scheduled to close on January 31, 2020. Currently, Midway is scheduled to close in August 2020.

When a letter was sent out on November 8, those who use Dale Road transfer site were asked to use West side transfer sites such as Farmers Loop West, Ester, or Chena Pump. Residents who use 30-Mile and Midway were asked to use Salcha, Badger Road, or North Pole. Now that Moose Creek will remain open, that facility will be another option for these residents.

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