Family of Fairbanks man shot by police comment on lawsuit

FAIRBANKS, Alaska (KTVF) Tragedy struck one family on Christmas Eve two years ago when their son, Cody Eyre, was killed after an interaction with police.

Kyle and Magdalena Eyre talk about their changes they want to see after their son was shot by police in 2017. (John Dougherty/KTVF)

The Office of Special Prosecutions who reviewed the case decided not to criminally prosecute the officers involved.

Cody's parents have recently file a lawsuit against the State of Alaska, Fairbanks Police Department, and officers involved in the shooting for wrongful death.

We spoke with Cody's parents, Kyle and Magdalena Eyre, about the lawsuit and their son's death.

They said that they want answers about the situation and want people responsible to be held accountable.

Cody’s parents said that the tragedy has given them a mission to see change and they encourage others to get on board.

"I want the public to call their representatives, I want them to call their representatives and demand the change, and demand that we want better vetting of our officers, and that we want better training for our officers. I want them to demand that we have independent investigations."

More information about the lawsuit can be found here.

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