Fairbanks District Attorney concludes review of 2015 Pirate case

The Fairbanks District Attorney conducted a review of the 2015 case against Daniel Lloyd Selovich, now known as Pirate, due to citizens' concerns for community safety after his recent sightings in the city. (KTVF)
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FAIRBANKS, Alaska (KTVF) Prompted by citizens’ concerns, the Fairbanks District Attorney and Deputy District Attorney have concluded a review of the 2015 case against Daniel Lloyd Selovich, now known as Pirate.

After being indicted in 2015 on multiple counts of sexual assault, Pirate’s case was dismissed by the Fairbanks District Attorney while pending trial. The dismissal followed the death of the victim in the charges.

According to a press release issued by the State of Alaska Department of Law, the review included the 2015 case and the circumstances regarding its dismissal. The Department of Law has concluded that “the dismissal of the 2015 case, while extremely frustrating, was appropriate under the law.”

According to the press release, Pirate’s case has been the subject of recent inquiry by Fairbanks residents after he had recently been seen in the city. This recent sighting has prompted concern for community safety.

When approached for comment, Deputy District Attorney Risa Leonard said that it was the recent community interest in the case, not legal precedent, that prompted the review. Leonard could not comment on any hypotheticals which would have resulted in the case being picked back up.

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