Operation Cookie Crunch: Bringing cookies and holiday cheer to single airmen in the dorms

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska. (KTVF) Close to 500 single airmen in the dorms at Eielson Air Force Base will receive a package of cookies as part of Operation Cookie Crunch.
Sam Mayville, the chairperson for Operation Cookie Crunch at Eielson, says it is a way for the base to give back to these airmen during the holiday season.

Cookies and candy are packaged up to be brought to single airmen in the dorms at Eielson Air Force Base. (Sara Tewksbury/KTVF)

“They get a package of cookies, a dozen cookies and candies and candy canes, and it’s packaged up with a little card on it from the children on the Air Force base and North Pole Elementary,” said Mayville.

Hundreds of people in the community bake cookies, package them up, and put the homemade cards on the packages. Mayville says it is exciting to be a part of: “it’s heartwarming to us, and I hope it’s heartwarming to them as well.”

Volunteer Heather Muller says she has been a part of Operation Cookie Crunch at Eielson for three years. “It is something that is traditionally done at Air Force bases where people gather cookies to deliver to the people who live in the dorms as a reminder that they are cared for and loved... and that while they are away from their families for the holidays, they are still cared for, and we would like to give them a little bit of holiday spirit, “said Muller.

When asked what airmen’s favorite cookies are Muller said, “Generally they like anything, and so there’s an awful lot of chocolate chips... but monster cookies are very popular -- lots of peanut butter, lots of mint -- so it’s very festive.”

Muller says the community aspect of Operation Cookie Crunch is her favorite. “First of all baking cookies is always fun, and so is getting together with a group of people; but to have a mission of basically spreading joy and holiday spirit makes it extra special,” said Muller.

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