We the People high school competition commences

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska (KTVF) Three high schools from the Fairbanks North Star Borough met for the ‘We the People’ hearing competition today at the University of Fairbanks Wood Center.

Student participant Alexander Greene discusses why the 'We the People' competition is important to high school students. (Carly Sjordal, KTVF)

The ‘We the People’ civic education program and competition teaches students about the principles of the US government. The competition consists of the students learning their text and becoming experts in different areas of the constitution. The students prepare to testify to their points in small groups in front of a small panel of judges acting as U.S. Congressional representatives.

Alexander Greene from Hutchinson high school who presented on freedom of expression, says it’s an important program to help high school students think critically.

“We can’t vote yet, obviously, but it gets us in the mindset to think about what our freedoms are and how we can practice them," said Greene.

The winning team from this competition will compete in the national finals in Washington D.C. in April of 2020.

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