‘Operation Bunny Boot’ provides boots to Fairbanks veterans in need

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska. (KTVF) As temperatures get colder, the Fairbanks Vet Center is trying to protect homeless veterans' feet with 'Operation Bunny Boot.'

Bunny boots lined up at the Fairbanks Vet Center office ready to go to veterans in need. (Sara Tewksbury/KTVF).

This is the second year the Center is providing these veterans with the extreme cold weather footwear known as 'Bunny Boots.'

Outreach Coordinator Brad Bunnell with the Fairbanks Vet Center says that after receiving a large number of these boots last year, they decided to start 'Operation Bunny Boot.'

Veterans in need can go to the Vet Center downtown at 540 4th Avenue, provide proof of service, and receive their own pair of boots.

Bunnell says it is important to help veterans keep their feet warm during the extreme cold temperatures. "There's a lot of homeless vets out there that do not have proper footwear. They are walking around with sneakers or very thin skin boots when it is negative twenty and thirty. They can lose a digit, they can lose their toes, they have really bad medical problems, they might have diabetes, so it's bad circulation flow. So we're just trying to prevent that and help them,' said Bunnell.

Bunnell says if you know a veteran that is homeless or in need, to contact the Vet Center at 456-4238. The program will continue until boots run out.

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