How Black Friday impacts local businesses

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska (KTVF) The day after Thanksgiving is well known for shoppers taking advantage of the savings offered to them by stores, both local and online. However, there is a contingent of businesses that experiences the benefit of exposure Black Friday offers them. Small businesses in Fairbanks rely on the reputation of Black Friday to drive customers through their doors.

Stores offered deals and discounts to shoppers on Black Friday. (Ramzi Abou Ghalioum/KTVF)

Across the city, employees of small businesses agreed on key points related to the importance that small businesses played in the community.

At Frank’s Menswear, a local retailer in downtown Fairbanks, employee Hana Johnson commented that people looking for deals might stumble across their store. "[On Black Friday, people] think more in depth like okay where can I go? Where can I get stuff?” Said Johnson. She added, “And it just gets them in here and gets the name out, and it definitely helps with sales making local businesses more money and keeping the money within the Fairbanks community.”

Johnson’s sentiment of keeping money within the community was echoed by Alison Lankford, salesperson at In My Element, a women’s boutique. "If we don't shop our local businesses they'll go away,” said Lankford. She also noted that small businesses can offer customers an intimacy that may be lacking at larger retailers. "We have regulars come in here and you just get to know people over a period of time and you know their tastes and their likes,” said Lankford. She added, “it’s a wonderful place to…stay connected to women here in Fairbanks and to help them find what they need.”

Black Friday comes on the eve of Small Business Saturday, a shopping day specifically dedicated to local businesses.

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