North Pole elves help answer children’s letters to Santa from around the world

The North Pole Post Office receives thousands of letters from around the world addressed to Santa. (Sara Tewksbury/KTVF)
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NORTH POLE, Alaska. (KTVF) Santa’s Letters is a non-profit organization that has elves who help Santa reply to children’s letters. As Christmas fast approaches, thousands of letters flood the North Pole Post Office, sending their gift list or just saying 'hello' to Santa.

Head Elf Sharon Beeman says what the children write about and ask for depends on where they write from. She says that she notices that children from the United States range from those who do not want any gifts, or want a gift for their friend or family, to multiple pages of gifts. Letters from Asia ask for good grades in their studies, a good career, and a sign that they are choosing a good career path; while European children tend to ask for a letter from Santa, and one or two gifts.

“They’re all precious. They range from heartfelt to very funny,” said Beeman.

Beeman says these letters give her hope “That we’re growing a population of considerate forward thinking people. It is just very special when a child says ‘I don’t want any gifts for myself but can you get my friend a gift?' It’s just very warm and consoling that the next generation is thinking of others,” said Beeman.

Santa’s Letters has currently received close to 5,000 letters this year, which come from all across the United States and many countries from Taiwan to South Africa.

Elf Rachele Graham says being an elf is a lot of fun and she thinks of her grandsons who live in Phoenix, Arizona. “I can’t wait for them to get old enough to write me, and get to answer those too,” said Graham.

The letters vary in how they are sent including what the children write about, whether they send gifts or not, and many have drawings and crafts included. “To be able to wonder what these kids are going through all over the world, and just to see the little cute things that they send to Santa...they’re just really cute,” said Graham.

It is not just kids that send letters to Santa -- many adults also send letters, whether it is asking for themselves or for their kids. “I just got one the other day from a mom who had fallen on some hard times, and had to move in with her family. She has three kids and she’s working all the time and just asking Santa to kind of help out with [things] like the grocery bill or these things for her to get out on her own,” said Graham.

Whether it is their first time writing to Santa, or they write every year, some children and adults just want to hear back from Santa and his elves.

“I’m just glad that I can volunteer my time to help get these kids some answers, and just get an answer from the North Pole,” said Graham.

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