Woman charged with stealing gun from courtroom

FAIRBANKS, Alaska (KTVF) Tiffany Flenaugh has been charged with tampering with evidence, possessing a weapon in a courthouse, theft of a firearm and violating conditions of release after she allegedly took a gun that was evidence in her criminal jury trial and left the court with it.

Tiffany Flenaugh seen in court after she allegedly stole a gun that was evidence in her trial. (John Dougherty/KTVF)

Flenaugh, 29, was in the middle of a trial in which she was accused of waving a gun around in a Fairbanks bar. After being charged with the new crimes she decided to plead guilty to weapons misconduct in the 4th and 5th degree.

Judge McConhay sentenced her to 360 days in jail with 360 days suspended. She also plead guilty to charges in two other cases. She will serve no time for those convictions.

Flenaugh is currently in custody for the new charges. At her arraignment Wednesday she entered not guilty pleas and a judge set bail at $10,000. He also set conditions of release requiring her to be placed on house arrest if she posts bail.

More information about the incident yesterday can be found here.

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