Igloo recalls Marine Elite cooler after child gets trapped inside

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WASHINGTON (KKTV) - Igloo is recalling its Marine Elite coolers after a child was trapped inside one.

The company says the cooler's stainless steel latch can automatically lock when the lid is closed. A small child who climbs in thinking it might be a good hiding place could then be locked inside and potentially suffocate.

The child who was reportedly trapped was freed by an adult, Igloo said.

The recall only extends to Igloo's Marine Elite Coolers line, which according to the company are "made for boating and marine environment use." The coolers come in 54, 72, 94, 110, and 150-quart sizes and are white with stainless steel latches. The coolers have the Igloo logo stamped on the metal latch and on the outside of the cooler. The coolers have been available for purchase since 2015 and were sold in sporting good stores nationwide, including Sportsman's Warehouse stores, and were also sold on Amazon.

Those with these coolers should immediately put them out of reach of children and contact Igloo for instructions on removing and disposing of the old latch and for a free replacement latch.

Customers can reach Igloo Monday-Friday between 9 a.m.-6 p.m. MST by calling 800-509-3503 or by visiting igloo.com.

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