20th Annual Forest Sports Festival Comes to an End

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - The University of Alaska Fairbanks held its 20th annual 'Forest Sports Festival' Saturday. At the event, students and non-students alike were able to participate in events such as axe throwing and log birling.
Participants started their teams up at the university Experiment Farm field, where they were judged on speed and accuracy during the events.
Though there was a chill in the air, the activity of the events kept everyone warm - and a few students even supplied coffee and donuts for those participating.
Around 1 P-M, the teams made their way over to Ballaine Lake for some fire building and log birling.
Director of Academic Programs for the School of Natural Resources and Extension, David Valentine, described what inspired these events, commenting on how this was the warmest year for the festival. In some recent years, there had been ice on the lake.
David Valentine; Director of Academic Programs>> "So, the Forest Sports Festival is, in other places called a Logging Sports Festival. The basic idea is to do some old timey, skill based events that loggers used to get together and compete against each other in. So things like cross cut sawing with two people, one at each end, pulling the saw back and forth, the bow saw which is just one person, axe throw where you throw an axe and try to hit a target and make it stick in the target and hopefully get close to the bulls-eye."