20th Annual Bard-a-thon kicks off

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - This weekend is the beginning of Bard-a-thon — a ten day community reading of the complete works of William Shakespeare, with volunteers reading all day and throughout the night. Members of the 'Fairbanks Shakespeare Theatre' have committed to reading all of the historic author's plays, poems, and sonnets, and the public is welcome to join.

"The reason to come out and read Shakespeare, is that this language, although its 400 years old, rings out throughout time and throughout history, as one of the best writers of all time, and certainly one of the best playwrights," said Carey Seward, company director of the Fairbanks Shakespeare Theatre.

Seward says members of the public can participate in the event in many different ways -- from reading a part, using instruments to add a soundtrack, or just by listening.

"You can come and go at will, you don't have to stay for a whole play, and if you want to read a part, you just come in and you tell the facilitator which part you'd like to read, or you just sit down and they'll assign you something," said Seward.

On weekdays, students from local schools will learning from educational programs Seward will be teaching on Macbeth.

Eve D'angremond said she is trying to participate as much as she can during this bard-a-thon: "I love the arts, I love literature, I'm a musician so I play in the symphony, and I love the stage."

Whether it's a few people or a whole class of students, Shakespeare's works will be read aloud throughout the week.

Bard-a-thon will continue until Sunday February 17. Follow this link for more information and to listen to the live stream of the event: http://www.fairbanksshakespeare.org/home.aspx