LIVE: 2018 Municipal Election

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Julia Laude: "Good evening, we are just about wrapping up with the municipal election this year, I have with me Fairbanks North Star Borough Clerk April Trickey, and Borough Assembly Candidate Sam Tuck, and first I'm going to talk to you Sam a little bit, we had a pretty close race with your opponent Marna, so what was tonight like for you?

Sam Tuck: "Well, I guess we're still just waiting to see what the final vote tally is, look like it's been coming in pretty steadily until the last 30 minutes or so, and I think we'll just have to wait and see what the final tally is."

Julia Laude: "And now April, you are a little bit behind the scenes, what is it like for the clerk's office during this time?"

April Trickey: "We're very busy, we have all the precincts coming in, we're getting all of the materials in from the 40 precincts and working with that, getting everything uploaded and taken care of, so our office staff are working very hard, we also having volunteers who are working here tonight, too, a lot of students have been helping out."

Julia Laude: "And when should people be seeing a more finalized election result?"

April Trickey: "So out of 40 precincts reporting we just brought that in to the assembly chambers, so that should be out here on the website."

Julia Laude: "Well, thank you so much April and Sam, I wish you good luck, and thank you for all of your hard work. Thanks for staying with us throughout the evening, and we'll see you next time."