2018 Ice Art Championships Cancelled

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - The World Ice Art Championships have been cancelled for 2018.
According to a statement released Saturday, the board of directors for Ice Alaska decided to cancel the international event based on a lack of sponsorship support and the inability to recover from a 2016 fire that destroyed the main building on the property.
According to Ice Alaska Board President, Hank Bartos, the owners of the George Horner Ice Park will still provide the ice slides and other attractions for children.
He also said that any money that was donated for the 2018 championships will be returned.
Hank Bartos; President - Ice Alaska Board of Directors>>"Well, for 2018 the board has had a meeting every week trying to find out if there was a way where we could afford to have the event. And we have scrubbed out budget numerous times, and we came up that we were about $85,000 short. We couldn't afford the loss if we had a loss. And therefore, we figured it was best to cancel the event and then focus on a 2019 event where we could have the first class event that the people of this community, the state of Alaska, and the nation could be proud of."