2017 was One of Fairbanks' Warmest Years on Record

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Alaska saw wet conditions and warmer- than- usual temperatures in 2017.
According to National Weather Service Climate Sciences and Services Manager, Rick Thoman, 2017 was the seventh warmest year since 1925, but not as warm as the record breaking year of 2016.
Because of the higher temperatures, there was also an increase in precipitation for 2017- the majority of which fell in the cooler months, as opposed to 2016's wet summer.
Thoman says that decreasing sea ice and warmer ocean temperatures can explain the warmer conditions.
Although the cold weather can return, Thoman expects the increased temperatures to continue into the near future.

Rick Thoman; National Weather Service>>"We can expect to see that, think of it as the loaded dice, that the dice are loaded towards warm. All other things being equal, it is going to want to be warmer than in the past, but that doesn't mean it can't be cool, it certainly will be, but we've got our thumbs on the scale towards warm, especially at high latitudes places like Alaska."