18-year-old Fairbanks teen charged with manslaughter

FAIRBANKS, Alaska - A Fairbanks teen was charged with manslaughter in the death of his older brother early Monday in an apartment off of 7th avenue. 18-year-old Dustin Charley was charged with manslaughter after allegedly stabbing his brother, 29 year old Jonathan Titus.

Alaska State Troopers report that Titus is said to have been drinking alcohol the night of the incident. According to a trooper press release, Titus woke up during the night and got involved in a pushing match with Charley.

After they separated, Titus asked Charlie to get him another alcoholic drink which he did. The release goes on to say that a few minutes later Titus began banging on Charley's bedroom door and eventually forced his way in. They began to fight, and Charley was able to subdue Titus, who then left the room. Charley stated that he was scared and armed himself with a small knife. A short time later, Titus once again forced the bedroom door open. Charley charged Titus and stabbed him with the knife. He then called 911.

Titus was taken to Fairbanks Memorial Hospital and was pronounced dead an hour later. Charley was placed in custody at Fairbanks Correctional Center on a charge of manslaughter.