Boston Children Museum selects Fairbanks for traveling China exhibit

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - The Boston Children's Museum selected Fairbanks as the new host for a traveling exhibit which follows a journey through contemporary China. The exhibit was up for grabs, and Brenda Riley, the executive director of the Fairbanks Children's Museum decided to jump on the opportunity.
It's a hands on exhibit that takes up a large portion of the museum. The story follows four Chinese children through school and home life, the country side and an Opera theater. Each station has an educational video with a tutorial and activity.
They have a bus stop, a kitchen where kids can prepare play food and a rice farm. It's a way for kids to travel through China without leaving Fairbanks.

"I think for a lot of kids that are coming in, it's just so much new stuff. And for families that have come in to the museum before, it's like walking into a whole new museum. And they get to see how different life is in another country but also how similar it is," said museum educator
Brenna Kennicker.

The exhibit is open until September 22. They're also hosting classes over the next few weeks such how to use chopsticks, making paper lanterns and Chinese language. You can visit the Fairbanks Children's Museum website for dates and times.