Young cuddly cat up for adoption to Fairbanks home

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Margaret is a young cat who loves to perch on your shoulder.

"Hi, I'm LaCross and this week's Pet of the Week is Margret. Margret is an 11-year-old gray tabby who was brought to us as a stray. From her striking green eyes to her beautiful airbrushed gray stripes, Margret is practically perfect in every way.

Margret loves to cuddle, and is extremely tolerant of being held, handled, and dandled like a baby. Margret is a friendly and sociable girl who enjoys interacting with people and will use your shoulder as a lookout point if given even half the chance.

Margret is 11 years young and looking for a loving forever home that can give her the affection and care that she deserves. Margret has excellent litter box skills but needs a covered or tall sided litter box.

While at the shelter, Margret had blood work and dental work with extractions done. She will need to eat soft food until her mouth has healed. Margret has other dog, cat and small animal friends looking for loving homes. If you are interested in her or any of her friends, come on in and ask for a visit," said Lacross Gray with the Fairbanks Animal Shelter.