The animal shelter has seven bunny friends waiting to hop on into your heart

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - "Hi, I'm Kimberly and this week's Pets of the Week are a group of rabbits who came to us through unfortunate circumstances, their owner passed away. There are seven of them, two males and five females and they have been living together in their groups separated by gender so they don't reproduce.

They are Rex Mixes and two of them are actually Rex Breeds so they have the really nice soft fur and two of them have kind of a hybrid type fur so it is very soft but not quite the Rex texture. But they are larger rabbits, they are 8 to 10 pounds and they have been really well socialized, really well cared for so they are very social, really sweet, very interactive and they is really awesome because we don't always get really interactive pets that have had a lot of attention, especially rabbits in this large of a group but they are super friendly and they enjoy living together.

The girls all cuddle and so they can go as single adoptions or they could go in larger groups if you are looking to get a pair to be friends, as long as they are same sex so they don't make lots more babies.

We have a variety of colors, they are very beautiful rabbits and they are learning how to be litter box trained. It can be really tricky to try and litter box train a group of rabbits, especially since they haven't been housed in that kind of environment that needs litter boxes. They were kept outdoors before but could easily transition into indoor pets where they could be a part of the family and they could be really fun.

These rabbits also have dog, cat and other small animal friends looking for loving homes," said Kimberly Imbert, animal tender.