Shaved cat with fur booties looking for Fairbanks home

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Like his namesake, Leif Erikson has had many adventures. But now he is looking to settle down and lead a comfortable life.

Animal tender Kimberly Imbert introduces new 13's Pet of the Week, "Hi, I'm Kimberly and this week's pet of the week is Leif Erikson. He came to the shelter as a stray so we don't know a lot about him. We estimate he is about four years old, and he is a domestic long hair cat, despite his very sheared appearance. Leif came to the shelter with quite a few injuries and he was in pretty rough condition. He had a lot of matting and has lost the tips of his ears, probably to frostbite, but he also had a really large abscess on his face and some other wound so he is a little bit of a scrapper, kind of what you would think of when you think of an alley cat. He was all boy, but has since been neutered, but probably still has the mentality of being the big macho man around. We don't think he gets along with other cats based on how he has reacted to his neighbors at the shelter. And he probably wouldn't tolerate a small or energetic dog, but he may be able to tolerate a calm larger dog. We also don't know how he is with children, but he seems to be really friendly with people. His intolerance seems to be based more with other animals. Leif has other animal friends at the shelter looking for loving homes as well."