Pet of the Week: Ying Yang

this week's Pet of the Week is Ying Yang. Ying Yang came to the shelter as a stray and we think he's about 10 years-old and he's a neutered male cat. He has medium length hair and he is black and white. Ying Yang is extremely affectionate and very vocal. He has been really sweet while at the shelter. He didn't feel very good when he was first brought here so he was a little grumpy but once we got him feeling better he really cheered up and has been really interactive with everyone. Ying Yang doesn't seem to mind when dogs walk by his kennel and he also seems to be fine with other cats being in his presence. He uses his litter box really well but he seems to be a little arthritic in his hind ends so he does best with a covered litter box because he can't really squat like a normal, younger cat can do. Ying Yang would be a great pet for someone who likes brushing cats and has time to give a little extra TLC to their new furry baby because he's in really great shape but he could definitely use some babying.