Pet of the Week: Timber and Grove the Rabbits

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Timber and Grove are best friends looking to join your family.
Let's go meet News 13's Pets of the Week.

Kimberly Imbert; Animal Tender>>"Hi I'm Kimberly and this week's pets of the week are Grove and Timber. They came to the shelter as strays. Grove and Timber had been set loose and were living together in a neighborhood. They are two really sweet rabbits who love each other a lot and they are super cute when they are cuddling. They are a little on the shy side because they hadn't been around people, but they have definitely been pets before because they knew how to use a water bottle and if bunnies haven't been pet they take a while to learn that. Timber and Grove love to stretch out and cuddle together, they are really cute and adorable and they spend a lot of time snuggling, so that is really sweet. They are hoping to find a home together because they really enjoy each other's company and help each other come out of their shells. Timber and Grove have learned how to use the litter box really well, they keep their cage pristine, and it's awesome. Even when their cage is rearranged they are really good about using the litter box so they would be great house bunnies, especially if there was a room for them to run around in, they would be really clean. Rabbits are really fun pets, they eat a lot of hay and you have to be careful not to have things that they could either damage or get hurt by, but other than that they are really fun pets, especially when it is cold if you don't enjoy being outside in the cold, they are a really nice option for a variety kind of pet. Grove and Timber also have other rabbit friends looking for loving homes, as well as dogs and cats here at the shelter.