Pet of the Week: Sir Lancelot the Rabbit

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Sir Lancelot has hopped out of mythology and into the Animal shelter.

Animal tender, Kimberly Imbert explains why this fluffy little friend would make a great addition for an older family's round table.

“This week's pet of the week is Sir Lancelot. He is a little bit over one year old. He originally came to the shelter as a stray and had lived outside on his own for last winter. So he is a little bit of a survivor. But Sir Lancelot has really come around a lot. He has learned how to use a litter box, and he's been adopted a couple of times, but they were a little unsuccessful because he was a little sassy in his home. Rabbits don't generally make great pets for small children because they can have pretty big personalities and attitudes. So he is just looking for an older family. And like most rabbits they don't want to be held or coddled a lot. They just kind of hop around and explore and do really cool things. He likes to flop over on his side and he looks like he's playing dead, and that's how he relaxes. It's kind of funny to us that he is so relaxed at the shelter and feels so safe after living outside, kind of in the wild. That he feels that relaxed and safe at the shelter. He also has other friends at the shelter, and dogs that are looking for loving homes as well."