Pet of the Week: Princess the Cat

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - "This week's pet of the week is Princess. Princess is a 4-year old short haired cat. She is a black tabby and white. She originally came to the shelter with her friend who is another cat, because they we're not being very nice to their owner. It seemed to us that her friend would protect her cause he was kind of protective of her in the shelter environment. Then Princess was briefly adopted and she didn't want to make friends with the new cats in the home. So she has a very strong opinion, she is really a funny cat, and has the sweetest face, with a lot of expression. Princess doesn't like dogs, she is really nervous when they are around and she may get along with some cats if they are very slowly introduced. But for the most part princess would really like to an only pet, or possibly join a home with other cats if there is a way to keep them separate until they are ready to be friends. She uses her litter box really well, and she really loves catnip and playing with toys and she is usually pretty quiet right now she has a lot of opinions because she is in a new room, but she is usually really quiet and just a really sweet girl who enjoys being pet, when she feels like it but not always, but she can be really cuddly, when she is in the mood for that, so she would be a really great pet for someone who would respect her boundaries and visit her when she is up for it. Princess also has other cat dog and a turtle friend and a rabbit friend that are looking for loving homes."