Pet of the Week: Pete and Baxter the Pigeons

This week's pets of the week are Pete and Baxter. They are a little bit of a unique pet, we don't typically have. Pete and Baxter are two pigeons that have been hand raised and domesticated. They were brought to animal control because their landlord no longer allowed the owners to keep them. Pigeons are a lot like doves, they make really soothing noises and are really friendly, especially when they've been hand raised. Pete and Baxter are used to being handled but need to learn how to trust new people so they will need a gentle, patient home that will slowly handle them and get them accustom to perching on hands again because they actually will hang out and perch on your hand. They do better in groups because they're social animals so it would be best for a home together and not separate as individuals.
If Pete and Baxter aren't the right pets for you we have other dogs, cats and small animals looking for loving homes.