Pet of the Week: Meet the seven dwarf hamsters

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - If you are a fan of the seven dwarves, this horde of hamsters will quickly win your heart. In this week's Pet of the Week, we met Sneezy, Grumpy, and Sleepy.

Animal tender, Kimberly Imbert, said, "Hi, I'm Kimberly and this week's Pets of the Week are baby hamsters named Sleepy, Sneezy and Grumpy. They came to the shelter because their owner had too many and they were unable to find homes for them. They also have a brother who is looking for a loving home. These little baby hamsters have been handled a little bit, but not a lot, so they are still learning how to trust people. They need someone who is patient and willing to work with them every day, and not just hold them, but also pet them so that they aren't always being picked up by a giant. They want to learn how to trust and snacks are a quick way to their heart. They think that those are the best thing of their day. They are really cute little baby hamsters and they will make really good pets for someone who has time to work with them. Hamsters are really low maintenance pets. They take up a really small amount of space and they are also really cute and cuddly and enjoy people and they are more nocturnal, which is great for most people who are working because you're not home during the day to play with them anyway. These little hamsters need to find home individually because they don't get along once they are of a certain age. They usually like to be solitary animals. We also have a lot of other small animals looking for loving homes, so if you are looking for an exotic pet, please come and visit these hamsters and their friends."