Pet of the Week: Meet the friendly husky sisters

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Sierra and Brook are two Husky sisters looking for active homes. Kimberly Imbert with the Fairbanks North Star Borough Animal Shelter introduced the dogs as friendly, energetic ladies.

These dogs were brought to the shelter because their owner was moving. They are both just over one-year-old and are sprint sled dogs, Imbert said.

“Sled dogs generally have a sense of keeping their clean space so their very tidy in their kennels, and of course in a home environment there are lots of options, so they might decide that an area is a potty area. They aren't given direction, so they would obviously need to be housebroken if they were brought inside, but they are very promising candidates for being indoor outdoor dogs because they are so tiny and they are actually enjoying being inside at the shelter,” she said.

Imbert added that both Brook and Sierra are athletic dogs, so they're really hoping to find an active home someone that either has a recreational team or enjoys skijoring or just spends a lot of time outdoors and has a lot of time to play with them. When it comes to things like cats and small children, Imbert said these dogs have probably never been introduced to very well or very often so anything like that that maybe out of their realm should be introduced slowly and carefully so that they have a positive experience and can react appropriately.