Pet of the Week: Lester and Fred the Guinea Pigs

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Lester and Fred are two albino guinea pigs looking for a buddy to Netflix with.
Let's go meet News 13's Pets of the Week.

Kimberly Imbert; Animal Tender>>"Hi I'm Kimberly and this week's Pets of the Week are Lester and Fred. They are 9 month old Guinea Pigs who were brought to the shelter because their owners were not allowed to have pets. Guinea Pigs are really great pets for people who don't want to go on really long walks or play outside. They can also be great pets for children that are supervised. Guinea pigs are social animals so it is really great that they already have a buddy, it would be great for them to go to the same home because they enjoy each other's company and are really good at sharing a space. They are a little on the shy side but with some gentle handling and lots of treats, they will probably come around and warm up to their new family really quickly. Guinea pigs can be very vocal, they like to squeal when they hear the refrigerator door opening, or any other sign they might be getting something yummy. They are a nice little size, they don't take up a lot of space and they don't need to go on 5 mile walks every day in the cold. So that makes them pretty fun. They can hang out with you when you watch TV, so if you have a more relaxed lifestyle and want a little companion or two, they would be a really great pet for that. They need to eat vitamin C every day because they can get scurvy like people, so that is a really important part of their diet and they need lots of hay and clean water. Lester and Fred also have cat, dog, and rabbit friends looking for loving homes."