Pet of the Week: Kyra the Dog

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Summer is here and that means running outside.
Kyra is a young dog looking to be your new workout buddy.
We spoke with Kimberly Imbert about News 13's Pet of the Week.

"Kyra is an 11 month old Alaska Husky and Pointer Mix. She was returned to the shelter after a very brief adoption because she is very destructive. That is typical in these high energy dog, if they don't have someone to direct that energy. She was bred to run a lot, so if you think that you are really active, you probably need to double that or triple that and then that will be about where she needs to be at to have the right amount of exercise for her age. She is built to run, she is very sweet and loving, she just needs a lot to do and a yard that she has to entertain herself in would not be a good solution, she needs someone who is going to go on a lot of adventures and take her to classes, and maybe do some play groups with some friends, other dog friends. She does like polite dogs, she doesn't do so well with the really rude ones. She did really well with the cat in the home but introductions to smaller animals should be done slowly because she is a husky and she might decide that they are very fun to play with if they start running really fast."

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