Pet of the Week: Kitty the Cat

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - 'Kitty' is looking to be the light of your life.
Let's go meet News 13's Pet of the Week.

Kimberly Imbert; FNSB Animal Shelter - Animal Tender>>"Hi I'm Kimberly and this week's Pet of the Week is Kitty. Kitty was brought to the shelter because he did not get along with the kittens in his home. Kitty is a very outgoing and affectionate young man, and he has nice long hair that needs to be brushed in his new home. He definitely does not like other cats, it wasn't just kittens, and he does not appreciate the presence of other cats at all. We do not know how well Kitty gets along with other dogs but he does really well with people and he definitely just wants to be the center of attention and your one and only. Kitty uses his litter box really well, and he is just a confident and outgoing cat. Kitty would be a great pet for someone who doesn't have other dogs and cats, but maybe they have other kinds of pets in their home and he would do well with children as far as we know. Kitty has a lot of other feline friends that are on the shy side looking for loving homes that do get along with cats if he is not the right one for you."