Pet of the Week: Gizmo the Dog

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - "Gizmo is a one and a half year old Pit Bull and Husky mix," said Kimberly Imbert, an animal tender at the Fairbanks Animal Shelter. "He came to the shelter because his owners were no longer allowed to have pets in their apartment. He was raised with one of his siblings and a cat, so he is really friendly with other dogs and cats. Gizmo hasn't met a lot of strange dogs, so slow introductions should be done and if he could be more socialized in different places with other dogs that would be good for him. Gizmo has met children, he really likes them, and any people he has met he really likes them, he likes to have friends. He is a little insecure and could use some confidence building like obedience classes and field trips, and all kinds of fun stuff that you would do with any dog you would adopt. Gizmo is a really nice boy, he has been really well mannered at the shelter and keeps his kennel clean. And his owners did say he was house broken. He is an active mix of breeds and is hoping to find an active family that has time and energy for him. Gizmo has other dog, cat and a lot of small animal friends at the shelter looking for loving homes."