Pet of the Week: Friendly turtle looking for forever home

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Swimming through her tank and soaking up the heat lamp, Zeeta is a friendly turtle looking for her forever home.

Shelby Sears is an animal tender with the Fairbanks North Star Borough's Animal Shelter. She described Zeeta as the friendliest turtle she has met.

"She's a red-eared slider turtle. They are very strong swimmers. They spend most of their time in the water but they also come out of the water to bask so they need a basking dock and basking lamp," she said.

Sears added that turtles can grow to very large sizes so it's recommended to have a very large aquarium or a turtle tub. It can be difficult to find a larger aquarium because in Alaska it's hard to ship glass here but turtle tubs are pretty easy to ship up here.

Zeeta should be kept on a commercial diet, Sears said, consisting of turtle pellets but they can also have occasional treats including leafy greens, freeze dried shrimp, crickets and then rosy minnows.

Speaking on Zeeta's behavior, Sear's said turtles can be very personable once they get to know their owner, "They'll swim up to the glass and actually beg for food. This turtle that we have here today is actually so friendly and personable that she actually likes little head scratches too," she said.

The shelter staff think that Zeeta is about 7-years-old. Red-eared slider turtles can live up to 20 years.

Zeeta was brought to the shelter because her owner no longer had running water and had a cold cabin and the environment was not proper to keep a turtle in.