Pet of the Week: Dusty the Dog

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - "Hi I'm Kimberly and this week's Pet of the Week is Dusty. Dusty was brought to the shelter because he could be aggressive with other dogs. He was a sled dog in his previous life so he was starting to be very unfriendly to oncoming dogs, so he could no longer be on his recreational team. He also would not be a good candidate for skijoring, because that behavior would be really difficult to manage. But he is seven years old so he is starting to be more in his retirement stage of his life, although he still has quite a bit of energy, and would really benefit from going to an active home. Dusty is really manageable around dogs at the shelter, he doesn't really want to be their best friend but he is totally fine being near them and walking past them. Dusty would probably be best as an only dog, and he is really learning how to be housebroken, he has kept his kennel clean at the shelter. Although that does not mean he is housebroken because he hasn't had the option of being in a large house where there are things to hide behind. Dusty

is a really sweet boy who loves to snuggle up and he really likes people. He would be a great interactive dog for someone that has a moderate activity level because he needs a lot of exercise but isn't in his youth anymore. He also has other dog and small animal friends looking for loving homes as well."