Pet of the Week: Doggo the Dog

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - "Hi my name is Kimberly and this week's Pet of the Week is Doggo. He is a four year old Tree and Walker Hound. Doggo originally came to the shelter because his owner was moving to where they could not have pets. He was at the shelter for some time, briefly adopted, and then brought back because he was being protective over the couches. He really liked the couches and nipped his most recent owner when he was trying to get him off the couch. Doggo has been fearful of children here at the shelter, he tries to avoid them, but if he was cornered he might do something he didn't want to do so we recommend that he does not join a home with small children. He seems to do well with other dogs and he just is a more easy going kind of pup. He is not fully housebroken but is working on that, he still has some marking behaviors from when he was all male. Doggo would probably want his own couch or chair in his new home and that would resolve a lot of those issues about sharing the furniture if he had just that one spot. He is definitely a shelter favorite because he is easy going

and a really sweet boy. He is really nice to handle and to be around and he is just looking for the perfect fit of home because he is a little quirky. Doggo would do well in an active family because he is an active breed so he needs to be kept busy and an obedience class would always help any animal adjust to their new family. And he has other dog, cat, and small animal friends looking for loving homes as well." Imbert said.